Integrated health care in Wilsonville

Success at Every Step

Through a network of innovative programs and partnerships, residents have access to personalized and adaptive solutions and services to stay healthier, heal faster and feel better. Health care options feature an onsite clinic as well as post-hospital care, including a full suite of rehabilitation services from state-of-the-art physical therapy to occupational and speech therapy.

A signature post-hospital care program exclusively at SRG communities designed to help residents who transition back from hospital stays, lessening the risk of further readmissions. Heightened attention and skilled service is provided during and after the hospital admission. As a result, SRG resident readmission rates are on average half the national rates.

EmpowerMe Wellness

Our rehabilitation and preventative wellness partner EmpowerMe Wellness helps residents regain and retain mobility. Services are customized to meet the unique needs of each resident and are conveniently located onsite!

SpringRidge and You

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Next Level Wellness

When it comes to health and vitality, we know the connections between body, mind and soul are essential to living longer and living better. Our signature Zest integrated wellness model is key to supporting your goals for more a fun, healthful, engaged, purposeful life.