Flourish with a new-found peace of mind

Assisted Living

We take an integrated approach to well-being, tailored to meet your physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs, now and in the future. Supportive services are customized specifically to you and can be adjusted at any time, so you always get the ideal level of support you need.

Thriving with Support

Life is better with a little help when you need it. SRG’s assisted living offers so much more than a typical ‘assisted living facility.’ Whether you need just a little help with activities of daily living or more supportive assistance, our focus is to inspire a robust social and experience-rich environment where you can flourish.

A group of elderly women exercising in a pool with dumbbells.

An Innovative Approach to Wellness

Ultimately, the concept of Zest Wellness is simple: bringing healthy balance to the mind, body and soul with a wealth of personalized, enriching experiences.

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An older couple embraces, their faces beaming with joy, as they share a warm and affectionate hug.

The Peace of Mind of Accreditation

Our communities are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) going above and beyond state and federal mandates because it’s absolutely worth every bit of effort to offer residents and their families the peace of mind of accreditation.

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A group of elderly women joyfully playing the piano together.

The Club

A unique engagement program designed exclusively for assisted living residents with mild memory loss, which promotes life enrichment and social connections.

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