Holistic Wellness

Exploring a new passion. Connecting with neighbors. Choosing your next adventure. Uncovering a hidden talent. These are things that energize and inspire us daily. And they’re what our wellness program was built upon. Zest Wellness is SRG’s signature, science-based program that takes a holistic approach to well-being, incorporating the mind, body, and soul. 

Zest inspires the Mind with creative and intellectual expression. Keeps the Body in tune with daily motion and attention to nutrition by offering FreshZest®, a selection of healthy, whole-food plant-forward menu options. And feeds the Soul through engaging social and personal connections. 

The fundamentals of Zest wellness

Mind, Body, and Soul

Because wellness is an individual journey, Zest offers a wide range of experiences that appeal to each individual’s challenges, strengths, and goals. SRG focuses not only on the body, but on the mind and the soul — three areas of wellness that we believe are vital and interconnected and contribute to an individual’s state of being.

A Curious Mind

Creating, learning, connecting; inspiration and expression; individually or together: the mind loves to be engaged, and we make sure it never gets boring!

  • Go back to school with our Lifelong Learning university seminars.
  • Explore new technology with family video chats.
  • Read your favorite books with your friends in a Book Club.
  • Connect with the younger generation by mentoring an elementary school class.
  • Write your memoir and share it with your friends and family.

Movement is Medicine

For your body, feeling and looking your best is all about getting the right energy flowing. Try sweating, breathing, or dancing your way to great results!

  • Taste how delicious health can be with our plant-forward FreshZest® menu options.
  • Put pep in your step with a Zumba or Tai Chi class.
  • Try a dynamic new spin on cycling with an energizing spinning class.
  • Join a club on the go, like a friendly walking club.

A group of elderly women joyfully playing the piano together.

A Joyful Soul

Whether communing with yourself or connecting with others, nothing fulfills and nourishes life like great vibes, deep conversation, and unbridled fun.

  • Add belly laughs to belly breathing during our Laughter Yoga classes.
  • Enjoy Happy Hour filled with pleasant conversation and new friends.
  • Join the most cheerful choir in town with our fun music therapy groups.
  • Sow joy and contentment by growing your own plants in the garden.
  • Try a new Let’s Dish menu choice inspired by a fellow resident’s recipe.

A diverse group of elderly individuals joyfully playing musical instruments together in harmony.

Explore our Vibrant Communities

At the very core of our Zest wellness program is the power of connection. For more than 35 years we’ve been pioneering the fully engaged life for our senior residents. Connection to passions, people and pursuits are key to longevity and quality of everyday life. We truly believe that together we thrive.

Well-being for every Journey

Zest for Life

Wellness is the act of purposeful engagement in a healthy lifestyle; nourishing your mind, body, and soul with daily activities that promote optimal physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and mental well-being outcomes—so you’re thriving, instead of just surviving. Every person is an individual. Every journey should be personalized. We believe in meeting you where you are in your personal journey, so you feel your best at any age and fitness level.

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