Live in Your Element

Independent living

If you believe the perfect home base is how a place makes you feel, then an SRG senior living community is the place for you. It’s where you’ll find a retirement lifestyle that offers maintenance-free living, in an inspiring setting with a wealth of activities, first-class cuisine, innovative wellness opportunities, and attentive service. Explore new friendships, new passions, new discoveries, and new freedoms. It’s all here.

A serene courtyard adorned with palm trees and a beautiful fountain, creating a tranquil ambiance.

Coast to Coast Possibilities

Welcome to a whole new definition of independent retirement living! Stylish residences brimming with countless opportunities for social connections, cultural exploration, education, recreation, and wellness programs. Not to mention, the comforts and conveniences that make life so much easier.


Dine early, dine late, or sometime in between. It’s up to you. With restaurants open and ready to serve 12 hours a day, delicious is a way of life.

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Zestful Living

What’s the secret to vitality? Embracing a holistic approach to well-being has been scientifically proven to be the key. Our signature Zest wellness program takes this methodology and puts it into practice. Our three-dimensional program integrates mind, body, and soul, fueling growth in strength, flexibility, and mental acuity through personal passions and social engagement.