Tastebud Euphoria

Clam chowder or almond-crusted chicken? Prime rib or fresh salmon? Our culinary team has developed artistic, seasonal, and regional menus of delicious and creatively prepared flavors for each of our dining venues. Residents savor excellent service and elevated cuisine available twelve hours a day, whether it’s a casual meal or an elegant celebration with friends and family.

community dining room

Venues for all occasions

A Menu of Places to Eat and Meet

Chef-curated menus


Taste for Yourself

Our plant-forward dining program offers delicious cuisine plus a variety of health benefits such as helping to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol levels, and protect brain health. Menu offerings feature elevated dishes that focus on whole foods, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and bio-actives.

Have a bite, have a say

Let’s Dish

Our monthly interactive Let’s Dish sessions give you an opportunity to speak directly with the Executive Chef, plus preview and taste new, seasonal, and evolving menu items with interactive cooking demonstrations. At SpringRidge, we’re always offering residents creative and delicious ways to create meaningful connections.