A retirement lifestyle curated for exceptional living

Live Abundantly

The Village at Sherman Oaks is so much more than a place to live. It’s the best restaurant in town where the chef knows just how you like your favorite meal. It’s the spacious athletic club where trainers are on a first-name basis. It’s the welcoming clubhouse where friends and neighbors gather for karaoke, book club, concerts, and an inside joke. The Village at Sherman Oaks is where you pursue your own brand of happiness, with unparalleled choices for socializing, well-being, and fine dining— infused with SRG’s rich blend of genuine hospitality. All deeply rooted in our core belief that aging is no longer just about getting older; it’s about living more fully, longer.


elderly woman expressing her creativity by painting

Your New To-Do List

From a dip in the pool to trips to local attractions and events, there is so much to see, do and love about The Village at Sherman Oaks.
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chef putting garnish on a healthy dish

Dining, The Village Style

Culinary delights are abundant, locally sourced, beautifully prepared and presented at The Village at Sherman Oaks. Enjoy dinner with friends or a casual lunch at The Village Restaurant.
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two elderly people doing exercises in the pool with dumbbells

Optimized Wellness

From elevated fitness options to fun and fulfilling social connections, The Village at Sherman Oaks offers more than simply longer living, it’s about feeling confident and connected every day.
Explore Wellness
Three seniors enjoying a cozy moment on a couch, sipping coffee from their cups.

Resident Experiences

Real residents, sharing their experiences about everything The Village at Sherman Oaks has to offer. Hear their stories and connection to one another.
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The Village and You

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The Power of We®

Together We Thrive

The Power of We® is the comfort of support, the camaraderie of friends, the meaningful connections that form when you are part of a thriving community.

At The Forefront of the Future

“Old age” isn’t what it used to be. “Lifespan” is being replaced by “healthspan” as seniors and science discover more ways to extend physical vitality, mental acuity and a steadfast sense of ongoing involvement and purpose. We have always strived to be at the leading edge of that kind of important progress.

Pets Welcome

Some of our most rewarding companions aren’t necessarily human. Dogs, cats, and other pets are welcomed at The Village at Sherman Oaks.