Calculate the Value of Resort Retirement Living

What does your ideal lifestyle look like? How does it enrich your life? Do you live somewhere that is brimming with unique offerings of next-level amenities, energizing wellness options, life-enhancing services, and support? What about great cuisine and first-class service? Life at The Village at Sherman Oaks offers an amenity-rich, maintenance-free lifestyle, complete with services and opportunities to enhance your quality of life – all included in one convenient monthly services fee.

Take a few moments to compare the value of resort retirement living vs. what it costs you to live in your current home. Use our cost calculator to calculate your day-to-day expenses. After you’ve run the numbers, we’re confident you will see the all-inclusive value of The Village at Sherman Oaks.


Your Current Costs

The Village at Sherman Oaks

All-inclusive retirement living at The Village at Sherman Oaks

Independent Living:

From $6,565

Assisted Living:

From $7,705

The Village at Sherman Oaks offers a resort retirement lifestyle where abundance and vitality thrive— with everything you need for your next chapter. It’s senior living reinvigorated. Get in touch. We’d love to show you around!

* Monthly Grocery Costs. Independent Living residences include breakfast plus a choice of lunch or dinner daily. Assisted Living residences include three meals daily, including snacks.

**Housekeeping & Flat Linen Laundry Services. Independent Living residences include biweekly housekeeping and flat linen services. Assisted Living residences include weekly services.

Assisted Living care options and rates vary based on individual needs.