A unique program at Maravilla Santa Barbara

Designed exclusively for assisted living residents with mild memory loss, The Club promotes resident life enrichment while supporting individual interests and social connections in an intimate atmosphere. This specialized therapeutic program is designed to foster joy, friendship, connections and creativity in a safe and comfortable environment. Many residents with memory and cognitive challenges benefit from both individualized self-expression as well as focused group activities facilitated by a Club Coordinator.

Assisted+ Living

The Club not only offers more structure and familiarity for members than the social engagement offerings in assisted living—but it also allows them to continue to reside in their assisted living residence as long as it is safe for them to do so. And because The Club is tailored to a select number of residents, the intimate, dynamic setting allows for more engaging mental stimulation, immersive creative experiences, and true camaraderie.

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The Club’s Varied Menu of Opportunities Promotes:

  • Enhanced Involvement
  • Increased focus on well-being
  • Greater productivity
  • Inspiring individual pursuits
  • Strengthened family interactions
  • Growth and learning
  • Deeper sense of belonging
  • Stronger friendships
  • Mental and physical vigor
  • Reduced Isolation
  • Heightened self-esteem

The Club Program May Consist Of:

  • Organized and supportive daily group events
  • Guided community outings and stimulating field trips
  • Focused physical fitness
  • Structured topic discussions
  • Personalized cultural experiences
  • Nutritional support
  • Art, music, and writing workshops

Variety is the Spice of Life


An older couple embraces, their faces beaming with joy, as they share a warm and affectionate hug.

CARF Confidence

Having the assurance that the community support team is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) provides peace of mind for The Club members and their families.

Discover the CARF Difference
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Holistic Wellness

There’s an ever-evolving science to wellness and vitality that we incorporate into everything we do, and it’s more than just focusing on physical health. Whether our Club members are setting personal bests, want to live a more purpose-driven life, or are looking to pick up a new hobby, they’ll find the resources and support they need to succeed.

Wellness: Mind, Body and Soul
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The Power of We®

The Power of We® is the comfort of support, the camaraderie of friends, the meaningful connections that form when you are part of a thriving community.

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