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Engaging and Innovative Senior Living Communities

Today’s retirement communities are redefining what senior living looks like and at SRG, we’ve been pioneering the possibilities for more than 30 years. We are committed to continuously innovating ways for our residents to live well and age well through our unique and inspiring settings, a wealth of activities, first-class cuisine, integrated person-centered wellness programs, attentive services, and on-site, expert healthcare. Our communities offer more than just luxury residences, they inspire new friendships, new passions, new discoveries, and more freedom. The way we see it, life should be rewarding and fulfilling at every stage, and at every age.

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Ready for anything

Living Solutions

From the ease and convenience of Independent Living to the flexibility of a helping hand in Assisted Living, to the specialized supportive team of a Memory Care environment, our residents have everything they want and need, all in one place. u003c/pu003ernrnWith maintenance-free living, first-class amenities and services, an abundance of activities, and integrated healthcare options, residents of SRG senior living communities experience retirement living at its finest.u003c/pu003ern

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Cooking is all about people

When you live at an SRG community, you can Dine Your Way®. Residents enjoy the luxury to dine early or dine late, at their leisure, with restaurants welcoming and ready to serve 12 hours a day offering ever-evolving menus featuring elevated, seasonal, healthy cuisine.

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Lights, Camera, Connection!

SRG residents find rich, rewarding engagement opportunities at every turn. It’s a built-in social and support network that just feels like family.

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A look at daily life

A laugh, a smile, a celebration. Every day something new happens at an SRG community. Have a glimpse at some of our favorite moments.
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Delicious is a way of life

The culinary options are both abundant and convenient. Flavor-forward cuisine expertly prepared.
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Happiness on the Mind

Creating, learning, connecting; inspiration and expression; individually or together: the mind loves to engage, and we make sure it never gets bored!

  • Go back to school with our Lifelong Learning university seminars.
  • Explore new technology with family video chats.
  • Read your favorite books with your friends in a Book Club.
  • Connect with the younger generation by mentoring an elementary school class.
  • Write your memoirs and share them with your community friends.

Something great for everybody

For your body, feeling and looking your best is all about getting the right energy flowing. Try sweating, breathing, or dancing your way to great results!

  • Taste how delicious health can be with our plant-based FreshZest®™ menu options.
  • Put pep in your step with a Zumba or Tai Chi class.
  • Try a dynamic new spin on cycling with an energizing spinning class.
  • Join a club on the go, like a friendly walking club.

A soul full of joy

Whether you connect with yourself or with others, nothing fulfills the soul more than great vibes, enjoyable conversations, and relaxation.

  • Add belly laughs to belly breathing during our Laughter Yoga classes.
  • Enjoy Happy Hour filled with personable conversation and new friends.
  • Join the most cheerful choir in town with our fun music therapy groups.
  • Sow joy and contentment by growing your own plants in the garden.
  • Try a new “Let’s Dish” menu choice inspired by a fellow resident’s recipe.

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Appealing to Diverse Palates

Explore. Savor. Experience.

A delicious and innovative array of healthy and diverse menu options await:

  • Plant-based
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-Sensitive
  • Vegan
  • Dairy-Free
  • No Added Salt (NAS)
  • No Concentrated Sweets (NCS)

Plant-based Menu Options

Learn more about FreshZest® Dining

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Variety is the Spice of Life

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Cardio, Strength & Balance: The Power of Movement

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Days with purpose. We believe that in order to thrive and grow, a person needs to feel purpose. Whether this is recognized in past achievements, in a spiritual sense, in an artful way, or just through daily routine activity, we let whatever “purpose” means to our residents guide their day. Even if that changes from day-to-day, hour-to-hour.

Comfort in familiarity. Each person is unique. We support each resident in setting up familiar activities, cues, meals, and more. Then we help add creative moments of expression that are meaningful to their life.


A family-style atmosphere. We’ve created a family-style atmosphere to stimulate relationships. Because, as we’ve seen, when residents build relationships with each other, with family, and with staff, the result is enriching in so many positive ways.

Encouraging connections. Our small group activities and one-on-one activities encourage friendships to occur naturally. Residents often initiate these relationships themselves. Or staff may work to establish and support them when they see mutual interests.


Movement creates well-being. Physical and cognitive movement is a large component of a person’s wellbeing. And those experiencing dementia are no exception. Therefore we do everything possible to help each resident exercise movement and mental stimulation.

Music. Games. Dining. We approach movement in many different and creative ways: music, brain health games, personalized dining experiences and more. Dining, in particular, can often promote self-reliance and interaction with others. And we always adapt to each resident as we find what works best for the individual.

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Zest Wellness

From elevated fitness options to fun and fulfilling social connections, it’s about more than simply living longer, it’s living better every day.

Cardio, Strength & Balance

Our signature Zest fitness program, created for residents to promote the core elements of good health—no matter their age, fitness level, or goals.


A plant-based alternative dining program centered on delicious recipes with whole plant-based foods while minimizing meat, dairy products, eggs, and highly refined foods.

Dine Your Way®

Residents enjoy the luxury to dine early or dine late, at their leisure, with restaurants welcoming and ready to serve 12 hours a day.

SRG Assure®

A post-hospital care program designed to help residents receiving care services transition back from hospital stays, lessening the risk of further readmissions.

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Mr. Fox serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer responsible for the strategic growth of the company, including acquisitions and development.

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Maravilla Scottsdale is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), which accredits senior living communities who offer rehabilitation and behavioral health services. Accreditation consists of more than 1,500 rigorous standards that provide comprehensive assurance of expertise across the board.

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