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Veterans Reconnect Decades Later at SRG’s SpringRidge at Charbonneau Community

pictures of two old navy friends that later reconnected
  • Veterans Reconnect: In a remarkable tale of friendship, Navy veterans Howard “Hod” Wells and Bob Armsby, who initially met in Guam during the 1960s, have reunited at SpringRidge at Charbonneau, a senior living community, decades later. Stationed in Guam to rebuild naval facilities after Typhoon Karen, the two formed a lasting bond, with Hod even attending Bob’s wedding. Despite losing touch due to military assignments, Hod stumbled upon a local paper story featuring veterans in their area, leading to an emotional reconnection with Bob. After sixty years apart, the friends are relishing the chance to catch up, share memories of their Navy days, play golf, and engage in pickleball matches. For the full heartwarming story featured in an NBC affiliate, KGW, segment, click here: https://www.kgw.com/video/news/local/navy-veterans-reunite-in-retirement-community-after-60-years/283-790f36a3-f3ed-48a9-b2e0-de341bab7e59