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A Message from our CEO

Dear Friends and Extended Family,

“Shelter in Place” and “Self Isolation” are phrases we never thought would have a place in our communities—much less the world. It’s contrary to everything we believe in. But, here we are—focused on the current challenges and planning ahead for a more normal version of community life. Below is an update on where we’ve been and what we’ve done and how that is shaping our preparations for moving forward.

Where We Have Been

Over the last 8 weeks, we’ve added stringent precautionary measures, intensive cleaning and disinfecting protocols and a COVID-19 screening process that not only records vital health statistics but also tracks a person’s personal travel and recent contacts. Our reception teams have expanded their role beyond the hospitality we are known for to become a first line of defense, with careful screening of anyone who comes to our door.  We’ve restricted visitors, allowing only those most essential: medical, hospice and end of life visitors.  We’ve fought to not only mitigate the spread of this virus but also to lessen the impacts of these extraordinary precautions on families and loved ones. It’s a delicate balance we constantly strive to achieve.

Where We Are Now

In spite of the challenges related to testing experienced nationwide, we have implemented targeted testing and personal contact tracing throughout our communities.  This is something that’s crucial to regaining a sense of normalcy. We have also transitioned so much of what we do to virtual or distanced interactions, while still seeking any and every opportunity to remain connected in whatever way possible.

Our executive and management teams meet daily to remain as agile and vigilant as possible during this fluid time. These past few months have been challenging – no question about it. There’s been no real playbook for any of this. We have been nimble and adapted to the evolving preventative actions needed to fight this virus. Doing whatever it takes. And now we are planning for and anticipating the next interim steps as we envision the road forward, one that balances both the safety and wellness of our residents and staff and their ability to thrive in a vibrant community.

Where We Are Going

As states begin to ease some of the constraints currently in place, it unfortunately doesn’t mean our residents are any less vulnerable. We can all agree some of the changes in how we work, care for and interact with our residents and teammates will continue into the future. So, we are continuing to consult with leading health and wellness experts and have set up an internal task force to lay out a phased approach to plan for the future. We want to be sure the path we take is thoughtful, careful and focuses on creating a community environment that emphasizes safety for everyone. Everything from returning to restaurant dining experiences to easing visitation and trip restrictions is being meticulously planned for by our teams.

We are taking what we’ve learned and moving forward with new ways to connect within our communities. Beyond the state-of-the-art technology and extraordinary precautions our transitional “new normal” has brought, we have also come together to support each other in personal, heartfelt ways. The even more powerful feeling of connectedness that has come out of this will continue to expand and flourish.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the decades it’s that short term challenges lead to long term opportunities. The ingenuity, resourcefulness, support and camaraderie that we’ve seen—from our team members and our residents - through this trying time will have a long-lasting effect on our culture and inspire even deeper bonds that have always defined our communities.

The “SRG Strong” Effect

You hear it everywhere—“We’re in this together”. But at our communities, this has taken on a much deeper meaning. Everyone has gone above and beyond to create appropriate, safe and, in some cases, truly ingenious opportunities for both our residents and staff to engage and stay connected. Our staff has risen to the occasion, supporting our residents in newfound ways. “SRG Strong”, the grassroots movement that has sprung forth from our communities, has become an emotional groundswell and testament to our community’s unwavering commitment. Seeing our staff join together, putting in extraordinary efforts to support each other and our residents, has been uplifting and deeply moving for all of us. We couldn’t be more proud as the wellspring of smiles, celebrations, and kindness have brightened all our lives in the midst of these changing times.       

Going forward, we will still practice precautionary measures and social distancing and we know ongoing testing and contact tracing will be a part of our new reality. But the core of what we do—creating vibrant environments for those we serve to thrive—remains the same and a key to quality of life.  Our communities, practices and programs will continue to evolve and advance. That’s what we do. The one constant? The human spirit—and our passion to enhance lives and create rewarding experiences—remains remarkably the same. And now, “SRG Strong” lifts our spirit and supercharges our commitment to every one of our communities – and the residents we serve.

Be Well,

Michael Grust,



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